What do you get in Straight Drumming Juice?
The book contains thirteen large sections, each covering its family of rhythms, at varying skill levels

Elementary Stuff: The simplest patterns, serving as a pre-flight check for the upcoming stuff.
Simple & Fun: Lots of easy backbeat patterns, perfectly usable in everyday work.
Standard Patterns: Finely balanced between simplicity and sophisty, these patterns are versatile and epithomize what Straight Drumming Juice is all about.
Downbeat Quarters: When a strong accent on each quarter note is needed, this is where you will find some inspiration.
Offbeat: Accenting the even eighth notes conveys a double-tempo feel, and sounds quite funky.
Heavy Quarters: Rhythms one can drive an 18-wheeler through! Massive and suitable for heavy stuff.
Funky Sixteenths: Funk music is largely based around 16th notes, and this is where one can find them aplenty.
Dancing on the Ride: Make your ride cymbal talk! Quickly combining bell and bow hits is a subtle trick suitable for many genres.
Latin Style: No drum pattern book should ignore the wealth of Latin rhythms. While they could not fit into many books, some Latin basics are presented here.
Impatient Snare: Hit your snare drum a sixteenth note earlier than usual to produce a healthy amount of tension in your groove.
Tom Uprising: Toms should not be used only for fills; quick figures across toms can produce some very interesting rhythms.
Advanced Patterns: Going a step further, combining advanced kick-snare phrases with precise stickwork on the hi-hat.
A Bucket of Insanity: Intertwining all of the above for complex, but seriously hard patterns. Like with all explosives, handle with care.

...and a page with the author's favorites, as well as several pages of introductory text.

Straight Drumming Juice is a paperback, A4 format (210x297 mm), 226 pages.
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