Drum Book

We've published a book for drummers!

If you're a drummer, you probably know that feeling when you just want to drum something that feels good and is groovy, but you cannot find an ounce of inspiration, while the best your bookshelf can offer are some sorry two bars here or four bars there? Straight Drumming Juice is here to help, regardless of the level your playing is at. Featuring well over 200 pages with all kinds of straight rhythms neatly sorted into sections progressing from dead simple to seriously complex, this is a well any drummer will find difficult to deplete. Whether you intend to practice your independence, learn various new grooves, or seed some inspiration for the music you play, you will find something for yourself among more than 5000 bars of straight rhythm patterns in here. Many books on drumming tend to become unnecessarily philosophical and abstract while forgoing the rhythms, the basic building blocks we, the drummers, work with. Straight Drumming Juice is the total opposite. No deep philosophy. No life-feels-good lessons nor abstract maunderings. Just heaps upon heaps of groovy straight rhythms for you to enjoy, practice and build upon.

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