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I'm an avid drummer from Croatia, born only a few days after Zenyatta Mondatta got released, and playing drums since the 90's. A big fan of jazz, rock, funk, soul and everything in between, sometimes bordering on metal, R&B and even big bands. Experimenting with synth and electronic drums to the horror of the old-school guys, but using traditional grip to the horror of the modern guys. Apart from music, I work as an IT engineer, part-time journalist, and am also a
LEGO enthusiast .

My general purpose snare is Pearl Chad Smith Signature 14x5, otherwise I use Sonor Force 3007 Maple snare 14x5 for jazzy approach, or MD Black Beast 13x3.5 snare for the edgy stuff. Along with Yamaha Stage Custom 10x9, 12x10, 14x12 toms and 20x16 kick. Evans UV1 all around except for the Sonor snare with a Remo Ambassador and 42-strand wires.
Then, Sabian 14" and 16" AAX Studio Crashes, Sabian Pro 14" Hats and Sabian Pro 20" Ride (often with Meinl Cymbal Bacon). My primary sticks are Vic Firth AJ4, but when facing heavier stuff, I opt for the Fusion sticks from Vater. My electronic pads are Yamaha DTXpress IV with some extras. Gibraltar hardware and Mapex Armory P800TW kick pedal.
(I've got to admit, at the time of writing, I'm considering buying a Yamaha Recording Custom Alu 14x6.5 as my new general purpose snare, and an XSR Monarch 22" ride.)
I never was - and hopefully never will be - overly obsessed with superb equipment. I've found that a nice mid-range drumset with a decent snare, as long as it's been maintained well, serves just fine for most purposes. Anyway, I find 95% of
good drum sound comes from a wise head choice, careful tuning, and sane muffling when necessary.

The list is long, but if I needed to condense it to a dozen entries or so, these are the drummers who influenced my playing the most: Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl, Bill Bruford, Bobby Colomby, Bobby Economou, Michael Giles, Lenny White, Buddy Rich, Billy Cobham, Mitch Mitchell, Nick Mason, Mike Shrieve, and David Garibaldi.

Actually, Neptune Lab is just a brand name which includes the Straight Drumming Juice book for now, but the optimistic intention is to have it include more products in the future. Especially if this book turns out to be a success.
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